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"I want a fresh breath,
like anticipated rain,
on fresh Autumn leaves."
     the-nathaniel - haiku series (via the-nathaniel)

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"When life moves slowly,
my soul turns - a stagnant pool;
send me a ripple."
    the-nathaniel - haiku series (via the-nathaniel)

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I am


I am needs that are not met,

I am souls not purified.

I am hollow, the wind passes,

I am death comes knocking by.

I am you the world forgets,

I am bodies soon corrupt.

I am burden, the fire consumes,

I am life goes passing by.

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the night


night has descended,

upon my heart.

and the light familiar,

now dimmer than I can see.

flickering, ‘tis but an ember,

dying to keep me warm.

and now enters a new darkness;

who then, will save my soul?

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"frolic me with words,
brush my skin with poetry;
lay me down in ink."
   the-nathaniel - haiku series (via the-nathaniel)

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I hate you forgetting;
little things you say and do.
Incomplete and

A thorn you didn’t remove.
A wound you go on poking,
A life left not behind.

I hate you forgetting,
Insignificant in many ways,
but fear if you’re forgetting,
maybe, I, you’ll one day too.

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It still makes me angry,

that you are no longer here.

you presence was life giving,

a nurturing I can’t replace.

It still makes me sickly,

thinking of this vacant place,

your touch was warm and familiar,

an order I can’t replace.

It stills makes me empty,

seeing your reflection in me,

you live on this way forever,

but your life - never replaced.

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"live as we are young,
dance as if the moon will die,
feel as night draws near."
  the-nathaniel - haiku series

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two uniting


In this moment now,
There is only us - in becoming,
We now are one.

The water and clay, mixed to be
And colors blended,
Redefining who we are.

We are the new creation,
A work in becoming,
A love professing,
Two uniting,
We are one.

3 notes | Posted Aug 5, 14 #poem I wrote for my brother's wedding as part of their vows #poem #poetry #love

"the youth in me dies,
when fully in your embrace;
I am but reborn."
 the-nathaniel - haiku series

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my present


I am neither forgetful,

or absent minded in any way.

I paid heed not past the present,

but this moment - this here and now.

For the future, unknowingly boring,

and the past, knowingly gone.

But this, this very second of existence,

with which my senses I understand and feel,

that I’m living, breathing, and knowing;

and conscious of just one thing,

that life is love, and the sun is shining,

brilliant! my heart kept warm.

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final goodbye


it is as if in losing you, I’ve lost the muses too.

my passion, and voice; they silence before the night.

words, and means of expression gone blind for sorrow!

and the colors they described, now muted and gray.

but last, in these final remaining thoughts,

I breath another, final, goodbye.

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Today I kissed the rain.
and the wind embraced;
and I found me.

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I know Why


I know why I’m angry,

frustrated and impatient too.

I realize that life is fleeting,

short meetings and just unknowns.

and death can be jarring,

tearing away unannounced.

and so while I’m still living,

I just want to be, with you! 

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the stench


I can fucking smell,

the stench upon  your breath,

of teenage angst residues

and tars of thoughtless words,

premature to stain those pearls

and vile to the air we breathe.

And worse is not understanding,

your existence a premature bloom,

now rots to give a putrid foul

reckoning in self destruction,

leaving soon a corpse behind,

furthering the stench we’ll have to breathe.

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